Reinventing your Christmas meats: festive leftover ideas

Sep 22, 2023

A large part of the festive season revolves around spending time with family and friends… and an even larger part of that equation is the food!

We gather around the table to celebrate Christmas, sharing not just delicious dishes but also quality time with our loved ones.

The festive season is undeniably busy, with preparations, gatherings, and festivities filling our days.

That’s why the break that follows Christmas becomes even more important – it offers us the well-deserved opportunity to rest, recharge, and reflect on the quality time we’ve shared with family and friends. 

But what about all those Christmas meat leftovers?

Festive leftover ideas

There’s something quite unique about those days between Christmas and the New Year! We forget what day of the week it is, as each seamlessly blends into the next. 

The kids are on school holidays, the sun is scorching during the day, and our evenings are balmy and still.

After a hearty Christmas feast, you might find your fridge loaded with leftover Christmas meats and sides. Scratching your head, wondering what to do with them?

In this post, we’ll show you some fantastic ways to reinvent your Christmas meat leftovers into delicious dishes.

Christmas meat pie

Christmas Meat Pie is the perfect way to breathe new life into your leftover roast meats.

Begin by dicing up those succulent meat portions and mixing them with a medley of fresh veggies and rich, savoury gravy. This flavourful mixture is then lovingly encased within a pie crust.

Cover it with another layer of pastry and let it bake until it turns a glorious golden brown. Once it’s out of the oven, serve it with a dollop of tangy cranberry sauce.

Boxing Day BBQ

The day after Christmas, there’s no better way to use your leftover sausages, lamb chops, or steaks than with a classic Boxing Day BBQ.

Fire up the barbie, and with the sizzle and aroma filling the air, throw on those flavourful leftovers of your festive feast. Brush them generously with your favourite BBQ sauce and grill them to smoky perfection. 

So simple to serve in a fresh roll topped with crunchy coleslaw. A moreish and easy lunch the whole family will enjoy!

Fried rice

For a quick and delicious transformation of your Christmas meat leftovers, consider fried rice. 

Begin by slicing up leftover ham, turkey, or pork into small, bite-sized pieces. Then, fire up the wok and stir-fry them with fluffy cooked rice, an assortment of veggies, and a dash of soy sauce. The result is a mouthwatering fried rice dish that’s ready in minutes! A perfect solution for those lazy dinners.

Leftover roast sandwich

Turn leftover roast meats into a tasty sandwich sensation. Begin with fresh bread, generously spread with creamy mayo or mustard. Layer on those thinly sliced roast meats, followed by lettuce, tomato slices, and a layer of cheese. 

The result? A classic leftover sandwich that’s a crowd-pleaser for all ages.

Meat and veggie frittata

For a hearty breakfast or brunch, consider making a meat and veggie frittata using your leftover meats. Whisk up some eggs, and pour them over diced leftover meats and a colourful mix of veggies.

Bake the frittata until it’s set and has a beautiful golden hue.


For a fun twist on leftover meat, why not make some meat tacos? Shred your leftover meats and add a kick of flavour with taco seasoning. Then, take soft or hard tortillas and fill them generously with the seasoned meat. Top it all off with salsa, crisp lettuce, avocado, and a sprinkle of cheese.

Don’t let those Christmas meat leftovers go to waste! With these creative ideas from Australian Butchers Store, you can transform them into new and delicious meals that the whole family will love. Best of all, they’re super easy to make.

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