Festive favourites: popular meats for Christmas day

Dec 9, 2021

Can you believe that we’re already nearing the end of yet another year?

As December seems to be flying right by, it’s no surprise to us that families all over Melbourne are already thinking about their Christmas Day plans.

Who’s hosting? Are you doing lunch or dinner? And most importantly, what are you going to eat?

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Why do we eat turkey on Christmas?

Turkey and Christmas certainly go hand-in-hand, and most of us simply feel like Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a turkey.

However, it isn’t until you really think about it that you release that beyond December 25, we seldom enjoy it on any other day of the year.

So why is it that we eat turkey on Christmas, and in fact regard it as the most iconic feature of our festive spread?

It’s believed that Henry VIII was one of the earliest pioneers of turkeys at Christmas, but back then (we’re talking the early 1500s), turkeys were a luxury item, available only to the richest and most noble families.

Fast-forward a few hundred years to 1850, when the Royal family officially changed their Christmas fowl from the goose to the turkey. From then on, its popularity trickled into more and more households, all over the world – including here in Australia.

What is the best meat for Christmas?

While we’re all familiar with the festive Christmas turkey, there are also a ton of other meats you can prepare for the festive season either as an alternative or alongside your traditional turkey.

And while there are no rules around what you and your family can prepare for a delicious Christmas lunch, we’re sharing some of our favourites that might inspire you to try something a little different this year!
Here are some favourites, courtesy of your local Berwick butchers.

Glazed ham

A glorious glazed ham is one of the most loved Christmas traditions.

Whether you favour a traditional honey glaze or love getting into the kitchen to try a new recipe each year, a glazed ham is enjoyed by the family not only on Christmas day, but for many days that follow, too! (If you’re lucky to have any leftovers, that is.)

Beef fillet

A modern alternative to an Aussie Christmas in summer. Leave the oven off and instead head outside, roasting a succulent fillet of beef under the BBQ.

This gorgeous cut of tender meat teams perfectly with a rich red wine sauce. Slice the fillet into steaks (known as fillet mignon), pour a generous serving of your sauce, and enjoy this succulent dish.

Beef ribs

Texan-style beef ribs are truly finger-licking goodness. Just like the beef fillet above, ribs are a great alternative during a typically warmer Australian Christmas.

A decadent barbecue sauce is a must-have accompaniment, with sides including some roasted veggies and of course some flavoursome potatoes. Now, you’ve got yourself a comforting and delicious Christmas lunch.


You can’t celebrate Christmas in Australia without copious amounts of seafood adorning your dining room table!

Seafood perfectly matches our warmer climate. Paired with fresh summer salads, seafood is enjoyed during both lunch and dinner during the festive season.

Roast chicken

The humble roast chook is taken to new festive heights. Strike the perfect balance between crispy skin and soft, succulent meat by ensuring your baste the chicken through its cooking time, and let it rest once it has come out of the oven.

Serve with traditional gravy and roast potatoes, or try something new, like a zesty alternative using fresh oranges or a spicy Moroccan-inspired recipe.


Of course, we end our list with the traditional turkey, a succulent, lean meat synonymous with Christmas.

Whether you cook from fresh or are all-too-familiar with the long defrosting process, a turkey (along with the delicious stuffing) is the centrepiece on Christmas tables all over the world.

Don’t miss out on all your favourite meats this Christmas!

Our warmer climate tends to naturally lend itself to a modified version of a traditional winter menu you might experience in the US or Europe.

And we think that only enhances the uniqueness of celebrating Christmas here in Australia!

No matter how you celebrate Christmas, it’s certainly what you make it!

Whether you love a traditional experience with your nearest and dearest or a large, eclectic celebration with friends and family galmore, Christmas means many different things to different people.

And all that matters is that you’re celebrating with those who mean the most!

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