Diamantina Wagyu

The Diamantina Shire in western Queensland is renowned for producing some of Australia’s finest cattle. Sourced from the finest Japanese Wagyu genetics Diamantina Wagyu has exceptional marbling, tenderness and flavour. Diamantina Wagyu is the product of choice by leading restaurants and catering businesses in Australia and around the world.
It is their unique combination of the best breeds, a pristine environment and careful rearing that result in the exceptional marbling, tenderness and flavour sought out by restaurants. The cattle are grazed naturally on open pasture land for most of their lives before being fed carefully prepared grain rations for a minimum of 100 days. The grain ration is a customised blend of barley and wheat with selected essential minerals and nutrients. Throughout the process, the cattle enjoy a natural vegetarian diet, free of any added hormonal growth promotants with no animal by-products. The result is a consistent rich flavour and superior texture in every single cut.