Delicious and affordable Easter meat

Enjoy meat on Easter with Australian Butchers Store’s selection of beef, pork, chicken, and more

Easter is a time for family, feasting, and of course giving thanks, not to mention a visit from the Easter Bunny.

If you’re looking to treat your loved ones to a special meal this Easter, Australian Butchers Store has everything you need. At Australian Butchers Store, we have a wide selection of meat for Easter , including premium beef, chicken, lamb, and more, all sourced from Victoria’s best producers.

Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or simply treating your family to a delicious Easter feast, we have everything you need.

Our online store makes it easy to shop from the comfort of your own home, or you can visit one of our four stores across Melbourne to chat with our butchers for expert tips and advice.

So why not take advantage of the long weekend and stock up on all your favourite meats?
Australian Butchers Store is the perfect place to celebrate Easter!

Easter meats

roast lamb easter

Traditional roast lamb

The main event for a traditional Easter Sunday lunch!

Roast lamb is succulent and tasty, and transports us back to our own childhoods. Roast lamb is the perfect centrepiece to delight your guests.

bbq meats easter

Beef for an Easter BBQ

If you’re planning to celebrate with a barbeque, Easter beef should be at the top of your list.

Whether you’re grilling steak or burgers, roasting a prime rib or preparing pot roast, beef for Easter is a sure win for your family.

seafood easter

Delicious seafood

Traditionally enjoyed on Good Friday, fish is a flavourome and healthy meal, filled with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B2 and D, magnesium, potassium, and zinc!

Shop frozen and cooked seafood in-store and enjoy on ‘Fish Friday’!

crispy pork belly easter

Enjoy Easter pork with crispy pork belly

Is there anything more tantalising than crispy, crackling pork belly? Combined with the tender meat, this’ll be a sure-fire winner at your Easter celebration.

ham easter

Roasted or glazed ham

Not just enjoyed at Christmas time, a glistening, glorious ham takes centre stage on your Easter table setting.

lamb chops easter

Flavoursome lamb chops

If we’re lucky with the weather, we Aussies are doing what we do best, and that’s to head straight for the barbecue outside.

The scent of delicious lamb chops fills the air as we sit down with our loved ones for lunch or dinner.

pork loin easter

Pork loin

A pork loin roast is another fantastic option to add to your table setting.

The key to a juicy and succulent roast is ‘low and slow’ – cook at a low temperature over a longer time period of time in order to avoid cooking too quickly and drying it out.

chicken easter

Enjoy chicken at Easter

Easter chicken is a special dish that is often served on Easter Sunday.

Whether you prefer your chicken roasted, grilled, or fried, there’s sure to be a recipe that will please everyone at the table.

salad meat side


The support act to your meat dishes, Easter sides are simple and flavoursome. Roasted veggies are a no-brainer, including baby carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli.

A couple of side salads are a must, and depending on the weather, you could go for a warm pasta salad or a light and fresh caesar or green bean salad.