Premium Quality Wholesale Chicken

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Australian Butchers Store provides only the best quality poultry in Victoria!

We source our chicken from farms that are committed to animal welfare, such as Hazeldene’s Chicken farm in Bendigo.

This means that we can supply you with a range of fresh and frozen wholesale chicken that is:

  • Free-range
  • RSPCA-approved
  • Free from antibiotic and growth promotants (AGP free)

We ensure freshness and quality with all our wholesale chicken products. For example, our chickens are processed in an approved state of art complex that adhere to stringent quality control.

Our wholesale chicken and poultry range

Whole fresh or frozen chicken

A whole chicken is a perfect meal the whole family will enjoy. Roast it in the oven or pop it in the barbecue, add some veggies, and you’ve got a succulent and tasty dinner.

Drumsticks, drumettes, and wings

These cheap cuts of chicken are super tasty and easy to eat!

Breast and thigh

Breast fillets have very little fat and can be fried, grilled, roasted, and poached. Thighs are succulent, and can be prepared as fillets (skin and bone is removed), or as cutlets (skin and bone remains).


Poussin chicken usually weighs 450g and can be used as a single serving for one person.


Spatchcock is also known as butterflying, and is a specific technique to prepare meat where the backbone is removed at the chicken lays flat.


Quail is tender, full of flavour, and easy to cook. They can be cooked whole or butterflied to speed up cooking times.


Duck is a delicious and lean meat, packed full of vitamins like zinc and iron.

Turkey and turkey breast fillets

More than just a Christmas staple, turkey is a low fat and high protein meat that can be enjoyed year-round!

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Our goal has always been simple: to offer people across Victoria premium chicken produce at wholesale prices.

From the farm to your kitchen table, Australian Butchers Store is proud to offer a wide range of poultry products. Our talented butchers prepare your cuts of chicken fresh in-store, with new produce arriving daily.

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