Premium Quality Wholesale Lamb

Buy wholesale lamb in Melbourne

Australian Butchers Store provides a range of gourmet wholesale lamb of the highest quality

You’ll find that every cut is outstanding, from the elegant rack of lamb to our home-style boneless leg roast.

The wholesale lamb you purchase from us is all-natural prime lamb raised in the Goldfields regions of Victoria. Famous for rich, fertile, pristine land, lambs feed naturally from lush pastures and freshwater.

As a result, you’ll find the lamb produced is tender in texture and mild in flavour.

The lamb is hand-selected at each stage of production to meet strict specifications, which means that only the most tender and juiciest lamb will end up on your plate!

Our lamb butchers carefully select produce that is:

  • All natural pasture fed lamb
  • Free from artificial additives
  • Hormone growth promotant free
  • Farmed using sustainable farming practices

You’ll find we have a selection of wholesale lamb to suit every occasion.

Our range includes premium and marinated wholesale lamb products, including:

Butterflied legs

Your butcher can remove the bone to provide butterflied legs of lamb, allowing for fast, even cooking.

Eye of loin

This popular cut of lamb is one of the softest and most tender, too.

Flat shoulder roast

Tender, juicy, and rich in flavour, the flat shoulder roast is a sure-fire win at dinnertime.


The perfect winter warmer: slow roast shanks in the oven and serve with hearty veggies and roast potatoes.

Lamb cutlets

Also known as chops, cutlets are tender and so delicious. Order them individually or indulge in a rack of lamb.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask our friendly butchers, they will be happy to help you.

Buy lamb online with Australian Butchers Store

Australian Butchers Store is a gourmet wholesale lamb butcher that provides the highest quality products.

We are proud to offer the finest-quality cuts of lamb at hard-to-beat wholesale prices to families all across Victoria.

Additionally, those in the Food Service industry can create a wholesale account to process bulk meat orders on an ongoing basis.

We have four stores across Melbourne, but to give even more Victorians access to our premium produce, we also offer online delivery! Shop online and enjoy cheap cuts of lamb delivered to your front door.

With our convenient online home delivery service, there’s no excuse not to enjoy our lamb butcher shop’s best!

Alternatively, visit us in-store – find your local store here.