Get your Christmas meat orders in today

Shop Christmas meat online: the most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching!

Australian Butchers Store has a brilliant selection of Christmas meats, from the iconic Christmas ham and turkey to fresh and delicious seafood for a uniquely Australian Christmas barbecue.

We strongly suggest getting in early when preparing for the silly season, so explore the collection below and place your orders today.

Christmas turkey

You can’t have Christmas without a tree, and you certainly can’t enjoy Christmas lunch without turkey! Australian Butchers Store offers whole turkeys in a range of sizes, as well as turkey breasts and other cuts.

Our turkeys are available both plain and stuffed, ensuring that you have the perfect centrepiece for your festive feast. If you have a unique vision for your Christmas turkey, don’t hesitate to visit us in-store and have a chat with our friendly butchers. They’re always ready to assist you in making your festive celebration truly special. Trust Australian Butchers Store for the finest quality turkey that will make your Christmas lunch an unforgettable delight.

Christmas ham

Next to the turkey, that glossy, glazed ham is the star of the show in its own right! Options are almost limitless when it comes to the glaze, from traditional maple honey mustard and glossy cherry to modern twists like tangy BBQ sauce or plum and ginger.

Our Christmas hams are available in a range of sizes so you can find the perfect match for your whole family to enjoy at lunch.

Bonus: ham is also great for leftovers for those lazy, post-Christmas days. Its versatility shines even after your festivities! Craft hearty sandwiches for the kids or add succulent slices to your morning omelette.

Seafood for Christmas

Ah, Christmas and seafood. It’s a quintessentially Aussie pairing, isn’t it?

While our friends in the Northern Hemisphere enjoy a frosty white Christmas, we’re treated to hot summer days, long nights, and hours of fun outdoors.

The gentle hum of cicadas accompanies our celebrations, and the scent of barbecues fills the air. Seafood takes pride of place on our festive tables, reflecting our unique Australian Christmas experience.

Seafood at Christmas time is a staple on our tables, and Australian Butchers Store has a large selection of premium quality products.

Get your meat, turkey, and hams for Christmas with Australian Butchers Store

In addition to your festive staples, we also have all your favourite beef, chicken, and lamb cuts, a range of meat packs, and a selection of premium cold cuts of meat, perfect for a charcuterie board to share with loved ones.

Christmas is closer than you think: as the weather gets warmer and our calendars fill up, we’ll be celebrating Christmas before you know it!

We’re here to make preparing for Christmas as stress-free as possible. If you’ve got any questions about our Christmas meat orders, reach out to us or speak to your friendly butchers in-store!