Add a twist to traditional with a taste of Aussie Christmas

Oct 27, 2023

As December approaches, the world starts to buzz with the festive spirit, and our taste buds tingle with anticipation of traditional Christmas treats.

It’s the perfect time to put an Aussie twist on classic Christmas foods, injecting some Down Under charm into our celebrations.


How to changes things up this year in your Christmas menu


Breakfast is often a casual affair, with a focus on lighter, refreshing options to kickstart the day before the main festivities begin. It’s not just about the food; for many, it’s also the first family catch-up of the day.

Many Aussies embark on visits to various sides of the family, making it a fast-paced and bustling start to a day of connections and reunions.

Fresh fruit

A platter of fresh, seasonal fruits like mangoes, cherries, and berries reflects the summery and tropical nature of our Christmas.

Yoghurt and granola

A bowl of yoghurt topped with granola and a drizzle of honey is a light option that provides a good balance of energy for the busy day ahead!

Smoked salmon

Indulge in smoked salmon on toast or bagels with cream cheese, capers, and a squeeze of lemon for an elegant yet simple brunch option.

Croissants and pastries

You can’t beat the convenience of croissants and pastries. Many cafes and bakeries will open on Christmas morning, so pick up some fresh options early in the day to enjoy with a cup of coffee or pot of tea.

Iced coffee or juice

Beat the morning heat with iced coffee and fresh juices to accompany breakfast.


Lunch: head outdoors to the BBQ

Christmas lunch is all about enjoying the great outdoors. While we love embracing traditional Christmas favourites like roast turkey and succulent glazed ham, we bet you won’t find an Aussie household without a side of seafood or some delicious meat on the BBQ, too.

Grill up some succulent Australian lamb chops seasoned with spices and add a variety of gourmet sausages to the mix. Serve with roasted root vegetables drizzled with macadamia nut oil.

We are also obsessed with a charcuterie board – about as much fun putting it together as it is to eat! While you’re in-store, make sure to check out our Small Goods department to pick up all your favourite cured meats.

Add a soft and hard cheese, a dip or two, and an assortment of crackers for the perfect grazing board.


There’s always room for dessert!

Finish on a sweet note with these classic desserts. 


A true Aussie classic (or is that New Zealand?!) Pavlova is a light and airy dessert for our Christmas tables. A sweet indulgence that’s perfect for a post-lunch treat!

aussie christmas desserts


These sponge cakes coated in chocolate icing and desiccated coconut are a quintessential choice, ideal for afternoon tea or a sweet snack as night falls, providing a familiar and delightful taste of tradition.

Fruit salad

A vibrant fruit salad is a refreshing addition to your Christmas spread, bringing a burst of natural sweetness to balance out the indulgence of the day’s festivities.

Vanilla slice

Vanilla slice is a crowd-pleaser that combines layers of pastry with creamy vanilla custard, offering a satisfyingly delicious treat.

Ice cream

Although summer in December in Melbourne can be either scoring hot or sometimes feels like winter has come back, a scoop or two of your favourite ice cream is a cool and comforting relief from the heat.

Chocolate ripple cake

An Aussie icon! This no-bake dessert made from chocolate biscuits and cream is a quick and easy treat that’s perfect for sharing with loved ones on Christmas Day.


Evening snacking: leftovers galore

One of the best parts about Christmas Day lunch? All the leftovers!

Sure, we’ve eaten our way through the day, relishing in the festive feast, but as night falls, a subtle hunger often lingers.

Nobody wants to fuss with cooking dinner after such a lavish lunch, so why not indulge in the leftovers instead?

It’s the perfect opportunity to revisit those succulent slices of Christmas ham, BBQ sausages, and even perhaps a nibble of dessert. Leftovers not only make for a delicious evening snack but also a meaningful part of the Christmas Day tradition.

Looking for more leftover ideas? Discover easy ways to reinvent your Christmas meats.


Embrace your  Christmas traditions this festive season

This Christmas, let’s enhance the festivities by changing things up a bit to your  traditional Christmas menu.

So, fire up the barbecue, slice that pavlova, and raise a glass to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones.

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