The health benefits of red meat

Feb 23, 2022

No matter the time of the year or day of the week, there’s nothing we love more than sitting down at the dinner table to a beautiful cut of red meat.

Whether it’s a pub classic like steak, fries, and salad, or a stunning cut of beef tenderloin for a special occasion, red meat is a staple of Aussie households.

This week, we’re sharing the love for red beef, highlighting some of its best health benefits as well as just a few ways in which you can enjoy the versatile, tasty, and healthy type of meat. 

The quality of red meat in Australia

Here in Australia, we’re very lucky to have access to premium red meat.

Our local farmers are passionate about delivering fresh, lean, and clean meat directly to our store, including Australian Angus beef, ensuring only the best quality produce makes its way to your dining table.

We have fresh stock arriving daily, so invite you to come into one of our four stores and check out our huge selection.

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Why is red meat good for you?

Red meat is often regarded as one of the most nutrient-dense foods we can incorporate into our diets. It’s full of a range of nutrients, and when enjoyed in moderation, plays an important role in our overall health.

Some of the most important components of red meat include:


Protein is an essential nutrient our bodies need every day. These chemical building blocks repair and make bone, skin, hair, and lean muscle mass.

Essential vitamins

We often associate red meat with iron, but in addition to this mineral responsible for keeping our blood healthy, did you know that red meat is also a great source of B12 and zinc?

It also contains the non-essential amino acid L-Carnitine, responsible for transporting fats for burning, which in turn can help improve heart health, diabetes, and weight loss (Source).

Low in calories

Lean cuts of meat are low in calories, helping us to feel fuller and reduce hunger effectively. At Australian Butchers Store, we pride ourselves on our lean, premium cuts of beef for you and your family to enjoy.


A bit of a mouthful to pronounce, it’s likely you’ve never heard of this antioxidant. It may help with anti-ageing and strengthening the immune system.

Online meat delivery in Melbourne

Explore a range of mean options with different cuts of red meat

As with any meat or poultry product, there are a number of different cuts and types available. Additionally, different cuts are suitable for a range of different meals.

You won’t find any boring meals or repetitive dinners here!

Read on for just a snapshot of all the options that await; these are some of the most popular cuts of meat plus an accompanying recipe you can try for your next family dinner.


Sticky and decadent, and a classic American treat. Add roasted pumpkin and a fresh salad for a filling and delicious meal.

See the recipe: BBQ short ribs with hassleback pumpkin and salad


Tender, soft meat – it’s in the name, after all! This premium cut is perfect for chargrilling on the barbecue. Alongside roast vegetables, enjoy on a stunning summer evening.

See the recipe: Chargrilled tenderloin with barbecued vegetables

Tomahawk steaks

The tomahawk steak is essentially a ribeye beef steak, but also includes the rib bone. This impressive steak is found in many steakhouses, and now you can bring it home with Australian Butchers Store!

See the recipe: Tomahawk steak with potatoes, corn and asparagus

Beef mince

This hearty, homely dish is sure to impress the whole family. Beautiful, home-made meatballs using our premium lean beef mince.

See the recipe: Smoked paprika meatballs with saffron and tomato sauce

How often should I eat red meat?

Of course, the best kinds of diets are those that are varied, filled with a range of delicious meats to ensure you and your family get the nutrients you need.

And as with any other type of food, whether it be meat, legumes, whole grains, or fruit and vegetables, we love injecting a little bit of variety!

We recommend enjoying red meat 2-3 times per week, alternating with other meats to ensure a healthy, balanced, and enjoyable diet.

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