Our favourite cuts of meat for your upcoming Easter long weekend

Mar 8, 2024

Easter is fast approaching, so it’s time to start planning your celebratory feast!

At Australian Butchers Store, we understand the importance of quality meats in creating a memorable meal for your friends and family. 

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you select the perfect cuts for your Easter celebration. From a quick and tasty Easter BBQ to succulent roasts, we’ll explore the best options to elevate your holiday table.

Easter essentials: a butcher’s guide to selecting the perfect cuts of meat for your long weekend celebration

The perfect leg of lamb for your Easter Sunday

When it comes to Easter feasting, few dishes have the sense of tradition and nostalgia as a beautifully roasted leg of lamb.

Its tender, succulent meat, infused with aromatic herbs and spices, is a timeless favourite for a family dinner.

Embrace the bold flavours of pork shoulder

Pork shoulder is a versatile and flavourful cut of meat that’s perfect for the Easter Long Weekend.

It boasts a rich, succulent taste that lends itself perfectly to a variety of cooking methods:

  • Slow roasting, until it’s falling off the bone with tenderness
  • Braising in a sweet or tangy sauce, such as BBQ, wine gravy, or classic lemon pepper
  • Smoking to infuse it with deep, unique flavour

Its generous marbling ensures a juicy, melt-in-your-mouth texture, while its robust flavour is a blank canvas for seasonings and marinades. 

Savour a succulent roast

For those craving a hearty option for their Easter feast, a succulent beef roast fits the bill. Beef offers a depth of flavour and versatility that never fails to impress. 

Experiment with different herbs and seasonings or keep it simple with salt and pepper.

Cooking a roast to perfection is all about finding your rhythm. Whether it’s a quick sear followed by a slow roast or a low and slow approach, practise patience and precision!

Pair it with your favourite side dishes and enjoy a delicious meal together with the family.

Devour delicious lamb chops

Elevate your Easter feast with the taste of tender lamb chops. These succulent cuts, bursting with flavour, are a great addition to any holiday table.

Whether you choose to grill them to juicy perfection, sear them in a hot pan for a crispy exterior, or roast them with fragrant herbs and spices, the family will be left wanting more! 

Indulge in tender lamb cutlets

Tender, flavour-packed cutlets are the perfect addition to your Easter table.

Season with a simple blend of salt, pepper, and rosemary for a timeless flavour. Or, add a zesty twist with garlic, lemon, and olive oil. Whether you prefer to grill, pan-sear, or roast, lamb cutlets are versatile enough to suit almost any cooking method.

Enjoy versatile chicken thighs

Looking to add a versatile and easy option to your Easter menu? You can’t go past succulent chicken thighs.

These cuts are perfect for various dishes, from roasted delights to flavourful grilled options. 

Season with salt, pepper, and garlic for a classic taste, or marinate in your favourite sauce for an extra kick. Serve alongside roasted vegetables and  creamy mash, or shred them and add to a gourmet salad. 

Tips for a beautiful and stress-free Easter banquet

Plan ahead

Create a menu and shopping list in advance to ensure you have everything you need for your Easter banquet. Consider dietary needs and plan for a range of options, if needed. 

Choose quality produce

Shop local and support Australian producers wherever possible. 

When planning your Easter feast, visit your trusted local butcher store to choose from a large range of high-quality meats. By choosing locally sourced and expertly prepared cuts, you can ensure superior flavour and freshness! Find your nearest Australian Butchers Store here. 

Get the little ones involved

Turn meal preparation into a fun family activity by involving the kids in simple tasks like setting the table or mixing ingredients.

Plan for leftovers

Embrace the joy of leftovers by intentionally cooking extra portions to enjoy as meals throughout the week (or for that lazy Easter Monday when you don’t feel like cooking!)

Embrace tradition

Incorporate family favourites and traditional dishes into your Easter menu to create a sense of nostalgia and connection.

Focus on quality time

Don’t get caught up on food styling or excessive decor. Instead, use mealtime as an opportunity to bond with your family.

Keep decor simple

If you do want to add a touch of festive flair to your setting, consider minimal decorations like fresh flowers or colourful napkins. Create a welcoming atmosphere without overwhelming the space, leaving more room on the table for delicious food.

End on a sweet note

Finish your meal on a sweet and satisfying note with a selection of Easter desserts like hot cross buns, chocolate eggs, or fruit tarts that delight both kids and adults alike.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy!

Remember that the most important aspect of any celebration is spending time with loved ones, so relax, savour the moment, and enjoy the company of those who matter the most.

Elevate your easter feast with quality cuts from your local butcher

As you prepare for Easter, remember the importance of quality produce from your local butcher. Choose fresh cuts, support local producers, and enhance your meal with superior flavour and freshness.

Visit us today to select the perfect cuts for your feast and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Happy Easter from Australian Butchers Store!