Easy and delicious Easter BBQ ideas

Feb 29, 2024

For many of us, the Easter long weekend is the perfect time to gather with friends and family, cook up a storm, and make the most of a few days off. 

And what better way to soak up the last days of warm weather than with a barbecue!

The BBQ is an Aussie staple; a quintessential part of any long weekend, including Easter. This month, we’re helping you get prepared for the 4-day weekend with some delicious and easy Easter BBQ ideas.

Easter 2024

This year, Easter is a little earlier than usual – our long weekend begins on Good Friday, which falls on Friday 29th March, while Easter Sunday is the 31st.

Easter dates usually help to dictate school holidays, too, so this year, Victorian kids will finish up Term 1 on Thursday 28th March – just in time for Easter celebrations!

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BBQ meats australia day

What to BBQ for Easter weekend

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Easter Saturday barbecue

We’re already well-rested after our first bonus day off, so it’s time to fire up the barbie and feed the crew for an Easter Saturday feast!

The sizzle of succulent steaks and the aroma of grilled sausages fills the air. Whether you’re entertaining a small crew or creating a feast for dozens, BBQ inspiration is almost limitless! See some of our tried and tested favourites below. 


What to barbecue for Easter

There are so many different ways to enjoy lamb, and as the ‘national meat’ of Australia Day, it’s a staple on any Aussie’s BBQ menu!

  • Chicken and vegetable roasted skewers
  • Grilled steak and lamb chops
  • Juicy beef and chicken burgers
  • Smoky ribs with a sticky BBQ sauce
  • Grilled salmon with zesty lemon and fresh herbs
  • Pulled pork sliders
  • Honey soy chicken wings

And we could go on!

There are so many options, from the type of meat and its cut to the marinades, sauces, and side dishes, that make barbecues one of the best and most versatile ways to enjoy food.

An Easter Saturday barbecue is the perfect way to catch up with friends and family, enjoying a laid-back and fuss-free afternoon with those who mean the most.


What is traditionally eaten on Easter Sunday?

Nothing quite fills us with food nostalgia than the traditional Sunday Roast.

At this point, we’re three days into the weekend, and we’ve still got another up our sleeve.

So why not take the time on Sunday afternoon to delicately prepare a delicious roast for the whole family to enjoy?

Perfectly cooked potatoes, tonnes of oven-roasted veggies, and of course the star of the show – the roast.

Make this Sunday spectacular with whole leg lamb roasts and all the trimmings; a heartwarming, homemade meal to enjoy with your family.

Easter Monday

Easter Monday has finally rolled around, and we’ve had so much fun cooking up a storm over the weekend! Today, you might not want to spend too much time in the kitchen.

But if you’ve got a few leftovers, there are a couple of easy lunches you can whip up in minutes.

Save today for leftovers (if you’ve got any!) for some tasty treats, including…

BBQ pulled pork

Enjoy a satisfying quesadilla with melted cheese and salsa.

Marinated chicken

Shred tasty chicken and use in a sandwich with avocado and tomato.

Beef or lamb

Create homemade gyros, wraps, or pita pockets with tzatziki and veggies.

Any other leftover meat

Combine meat, corn, rice, and salsa to create a hearty burrito bowl.

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Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or keeping it low key with just the family, Easter is the perfect time to recharge the batteries, spend quality time with those who matter most, and enjoy beautiful food.

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