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Whether you’re hosting a BBQ or simply want to liven up your weeknight dinners, explore Australian Butchers Store’s extensive range of frozen, cooked, and raw fish and seafood products.

When you shop with us, you can be confident you’re getting the freshest produce available, arriving daily and prepared in-store.

Our friendly butchers offer a personalised service – and with their wealth of knowledge, may also introduce you to your new favourite seafood dishes!

Wholesale fish and seafood


Explore our huge selection of fish, cut any which way you want!

From blue grenadier to snapper, rockling, and everything in between, add more fish to your weekly dinners with Australian Butchers Store.


Salmon boasts a ton of impressive health benefits – and bonus: it tastes fantastic, too!

Grill it, poach it, bake it – no matter how you prefer cooking it, you’ll love this tasty, low-calorie fish.


There’s no right way to eat an oyster, so whether you douse it in lemon juice, tabasco sauce, or vinaigrette, shop the freshest oysters, shucked in store and ready to take home!


A staple at any Aussie Christmas table, prawns are a mouthwatering addition to your decadent lunch or dinner.

Shop now for frozen giant green king, skewers, culets, baby shrimp, and more.


Bring the decadent restaurant experience home to you with frozen lobster. Not sure how to buy or what type of meat is on offer? Our butchers are on-site and ready to assist!


A delicious fried crumb and lashings of tartar sauce – bring the Medditerranean to your kitchen with cooked squid. Cooking options are plentiful: it can be fried, broiled, sauteed, or grilled.

There’s a lot more available in-store, so shop online to enjoy convenient home delivery, or visit one of our four locations across Melbourne’s southeast to speak to our friendly butchers!

Visit our wholesale seafood store today – or shop online!

Seafood direct to consumers

Supporting local fishmongers and seafood suppliers, Australian Butchers Store is passionate about ethically sourced fish and seafood, arriving on-site daily and available directly to you.

We have an extensive range of frozen, cooked, and raw seafood available in-store – with four locations across Melbourne, we can’t wait to see you! Find your nearest store here.

Prefer to shop online? Convenient and easy online ordering makes it simple to get seafood, fish, and all your other favourite cuts of meat delivered directly to your door. Click here to start shopping online.