Australian Butchers Store’s have only the best quality poultry in Victoria. We source our chicken from farms that are committed to animal welfare, such as Hazeldene’s Chicken farm in Bendigo.

Which means that we can supply you with a range of fresh and frozen wholesale chicken that is –

  • Free range
  • RSPCA approved
  • AGP free (antibiotic and growth promotant)

We ensure freshness and quality with all our wholesale chicken products. For example, our chickens are processed in an approved state of art complex that adhere to stringent quality control.


Our wholesale chicken and poultry range includes ­–

  • Whole fresh or frozen chicken
  • Fresh or frozen wholesale chicken Including drumsticks, wings Maryland, breast fillet, thigh fillets, wingettes, drumettes and kebabs.
  • Poussion
  • Spatchcocks
  • Quail
  • Free range corn fed ducks, duck breast fillets and Maryland
  • Turkey and turkey breast fillets

Looking for a Wholesale Butcher In Melbourne?

We are exceptionally proud of our wide variety of wholesale chicken and poultry products. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please speak to one of our wholesale butchers in Melbourne at an Australian Butchers Store.


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